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The Origin of 1stWroe

   1stWroe was ignited by an experience that Billy F. Wroe Jr. had within his community with a young boy named Derrick. The experience was so transformative, that 3 days later, Billy decided to share his thoughts in a short 8-minute video on social media. The video quality was crappy, the audio was probably even worse, but the message was authentic. To his surprise, the video, which was a call to action for fathers in the community, was well received. Prior to this moment, Billy had only shared his thoughts on daily inspirational posts and in private conversations with friends and family. 

   Because of how the video was received, Billy began doing a weekly video every Wednesday, called The Wednesday Word. Over the years through numerous deep intellectual conversations across a diverse network of peers, 1stWroe evolved into the platform it is today. It is heavily reliant on moving communication away from the grain-to-silo methodology, where information is provided (grain) and then sent to a recipient to be stored (silo) in a one-way transaction.

   As a great friend once shared with Billy, communication should be a mountain in which both parties exchange information to achieve a mutual understanding. The communication mountain methodology ensures that when we connect and both parties depart the experience changed. As such, we are simultaneously the teacher and the student in our interactions. 1stWroe invites you to embrace this concept of how communication can be. We encourage you to be generous with your light and enrich the human experience.

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To nurture the light of each individual in a manner that adds to the brightness of the world.


Through books, podcasts, inspirational quotes, and workshops, 1stWroe seeks to provide a space where people from all walks of life can gather to connect, share their experiences, and grow.

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About Billy Wroe

   Billy F. Wroe Jr. was taught that the people on the first row exchange the most information because there is no distraction between them, and the information being shared. As the founder of 1stWroe this is one of the concepts that Billy has embraced and expanded upon throughout the years. Though he may not know you, there is one important thing that Billy believes about you. Greatness is within you. How could he know this about a complete stranger? Because greatness is in each and every one of us.

   As a dedicated husband, father of 4, and friend, Billy possesses a gift to connect deeply when building rapport. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in retail, recruiting, sales, management, and analytics, Billy has learned how to identify with his audience, not as an expert, but as a compassionate mentor. By embracing vulnerability when sharing both his faults and successes during interactions, he has developed a method to guide individuals to discover solutions that work for them.

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